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Chargers Cheer Album

Here are some pictures of the 2001-2002 Chargers Cheerleaders.  

Here is the team with our coach after winning the 2nd of 3 spirit sticks at NCA camp this year

Here we are again, this time without our coach

Here we are relaxing on the beach right before heading back home to Michigan

Various pictures taken during the first home game against Northwood

The squad after the Northwood victory

Here we are practicing stunting before our game against Findlay.

Allison G, Allison R., and Emily cheering the team on against Findlay

Practicing stunting before the Findlay game

The team putting up 2 stunt groups during a cheer.

The finished stunt during that cheer

The team cheering the Chargers on against Findlay

Allison R and Emily

Allison G turning during the "hey song" dance

Elizabeth and Sara

Allison G

Allison G

Allison R






2 stunts cradling after a stunt

Performing a dance at halftime

Stunting during a Homecoming cheer

Homecoming run-through

Another picture of the homecoming run-through

Stunting during Homecoming

More Homecoming stunting

The cheer team cheering on the football team during Homecoming

The team after the Homecoming game