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About our Team
    The girls and the coach met for the first time on the plane to South Carolina to attend the NCA College Cheerleading camp in August.  While they were there, the team competed with the best teams in the nation (and won awards!) and learned a ton of new material!  

    During the season, the girls attend 4 to 5 mandatory evening practices per week.  Some of the girls also either teach or attend gymnastics and dance classes

Here is what the Hillsdale Collegian had to say about the Chargers Cheer Team:
New cheerleaders for a new year
The young squad sets its sights on team building
By Kassie Meeks
Collegian Staff Writer

This year, it’s out with the high schoolers and in with an all-new team of collegiate cheerleaders who performed at their first game last Saturday. Coach Raquel Smith is receiving a fresh start after last year’s tumult.

The 2001-2002 Chargers Cheer Team includes senior Allison Garnett, freshmen Yvonne Boatman, Allison Rich, Emily Seutter, Erica Esten, and Emily Mahrle; and transfer sophomores Nicole LaForte and Sara Sanchez. No tryouts were required although Smith did ascertain that each of the women has a cheerleading background.

This cheerleading season began in August in Myrtle Beach, S.C. There, at the NCA Cheerleading Camp, the team earned three blue ribbons for dance and cheer performances, three spirit sticks (daily awards for teams that encourage other teams and show school spirit), and the trophy for the most improved team.

Incredibly, Hillsdale’s squad met for the first time at the camp. At this time, squad members realized that each cheerleader was at a different ability level and each came with varying expectations for the season. In spite of all their differences and the arguments that sometimes occurred over how to do a given cheer, these eight women united in their determination to stay together and build the team.

“We have a lot of potential but need more time to practice the cheers,” Seutter said. LaForte agreed as she said, “We have a lot of material. We just haven’t learned it yet.”

Esten, Garnett and Smith mentioned that they would all like to see men join the team, as well. “There’s a lot more you can do when you have muscle,” Smith said.

After vowing to practice and improve, the cheerleaders decided that earning the respect of the students and staff was another primary goal of the squad. “Because of what’s happened in past years, [the respect] is not there,” Esten said. Smith did not doubt that this team would succeed in gaining the respect they seek. “They’re hard workers, dedicated, and their hearts are in it. They deserve a chance,” she said. “We’re just a bunch of hard-working, fun-loving girls,” Esten said.

Students can visit the 2001-2002 Chargers Cheerleaders Web site at

    While the current cheerleading program is a new one at Hillsdale, the girls have been practicing a lot, working hard, and perfecting stunts, tumbling, & awesome dance routines that will be performed during different games throught the year.  The team has recently expanded from 8 to 15 members!

    If you are a current student, or even a student thinking about attending Hillsdale and would like to know how you can be a part of this awesome cheer team, please contact me at and I would love to let you know who to get in touch with regarding your questions!